Opal Stone // ISR007

by Kabul's Regime

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"[...]Nutre la fuerza de tu espíritu para que te proteja en la inesperada desgracia,

pero no te angusties con fantasías.

Muchos temores nacen de la fatiga y la soledad.

Más allá de una sana disciplina,

sé amable contigo mismo [...]"
"Desiderata"Max Ehrmann ,1927.


released April 28, 2016

Para: Paco, Santi, Andrés, Roy, Manu, Chavita, Braulio, Lonchito, Allan, el Erich y a Pavón. Por su amistad y buena compañía.
I.S.R Rec's




Imaginary Square Room D.F., Mexico

"[…]When your mother sends back all your invitations
And your father to your sister he explains
That you're tired of yourself and all of your creations
Won't you come see me, Queen Jane ?[…]"

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Track Name: Opal Stone
Virgin Marie, Jesus Lord
Give me strenght for don't be stoned
¡Hail! to our chiefs
There's something i can achieve.

culture vampires,
culture sluts,
hit the scupltures,
hit the road.

there's so many
calm for the storm (x3)

There’s your strugle ,
It can’t be more,
A broken chorus,
For all my songs

A fucking day job,
For some paper and coins,
You could be hungry,
It doesn’t stop.
Track Name: Primary Goals
and i was upset because i'd never have a real job ,
and i was upset because i never had any luck in love
and your parents hates me, ofcourse they do
it doesn't matter,cause i'm going through
(through) your heart
uh, come on
But the words are running out of my head,
there's nobody to help me if i'm dead,
put the nail all over my vein,
don't worry ,baby
it doesn't hurts
I'm ok
yes, i'm fine
Track Name: As Above / So Below
There's nothing enough for you...
Track Name: Moon Mantra
You can find me in many places,
Many places you most know,
You just have to let me in
Let me in and stay for a while.

You’re the host of my creation,
A dimension from the unknown,
Close your eyes and please take the easy way
It doesn’t matter anyway

Track Name: Heaven
I fucking hate you
(no, i don't)
I'm goin to leave you,
(no, i don't)
and all the stuff and all the bullshit that we pass through
that's done.
I fucking hate you
I'm goin to leave you
Track Name: 106 / 11
Hello, my dearest friends,
There’s no start, there’s no end
And the air, won’t be the same

Please believe and never forget
All of us... we’ill be ok,
Say goodbye and no regrets,

Spending nights,
Until the morning came,